Michael Rooney (2433)

Admission Details for Patient: Michael Rooney (2433)

Gender: Male Age: 20
Marital Status: Single Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Unknown
Address: Unknown (admitted from police custody), Unknown

Date of Admission: March 10, 1875
Date of Discharge: August 5, 1875
Discharge Category: Recovered

Disease: Acute mania
Supposed Cause: Not known/Starvation and exposure

Medical Certificate:
His general physiognomy and vacant looks. Rambling almost continually, will not answer questions asked him and tries to spit at all that come near him and will neither eat nor drink etc. Found rambling at large by the Police Constable. Owen Williams, Rhos y Gaer, Holyhead.

Approximate duration of present attack: Not known

Number of Previous Attacks: 999

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 1

Relatives affected:

Number of Previous Attacks: 999

Epileptic: Not known

Suicidal: Not known

Dangerous: Yes

Clean Habit:

Food Refusal:

Sleep Habit:

Destructive Habit:



Physical/Mental State at Examination: Feeble health. Short and ill formed. Nervous temperament. Emaciated. Blister mark on neck. Tongue abnormally clean. Appetite very keen owing to previous want. Appeared to be in a condition of religious excitement - crossing himself and repeating Latin prayers. He could give no account of himself and was quite oblivious of the way he reached here.

Current Diagnosis: Manic Episode (F30.8)

Case Notes

1875 Mar 18 - Had greatly improved until within the last 4 days, when he again became excited shedding tears and crossing himself. He is not violent.

Mar 25 - Much worse during the last week, has had two or three attacks of acute maniacal delirium.

Unable to comprehend questions. Appears to imagine that he is in his native country, frequently singing and dancing to native music.

He is in fair health but sleeps badly and has frequent Chloral draughts.

Apr 14 - No better.

Cannot retain his urine which is discharged involuntarily several times a day.

Perfectly incoherent.

June 4 - Very much improved since last report. Talks rationally when spoken to but is too quiet and taciturn and is still somewhat incoherent and has a vacant stare.

Brother came to see him a fortnight ago. He knew him well. Has had an ulcer on the calf of his leg with lividity and oedema.

Applied strapping and Ung. Resinae.

It is now almost well. Has also taken Quinine with Acid. Sulph.

July 4 - Improving very rapidly in body and mind. Quite rational in conversation. States that he remembers distinctly all that happened to him since his attack.

Has written a sensible letter to his brother.

Ulcer on leg has quite healed.

Has gained flesh exceedingly and is now quite plump and fat. Will probably be recommended for discharge at next committee.

Medications/Treatments: Chloral draughts, Ulcer dressing, Quinine with Acid Sulph.

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