Hugh Williams (4166)

Admission Details for Patient: Hugh Robert Williams (4166)

Gender: Male Age: 34
Marital Status: Married (but separated) Religion: Calvinist Methodist
Occupation: Quarryman
Address: Llanllechid, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: March 7, 1890
Date of Discharge: June 29, 1891
Discharge Category: Relieved

Disease: Mania
Supposed Cause: Not known

Medical Certificate:
1. Under the impression that he is the Queen's son, that his name is Alexander Livingstone Bruce, that he has married his sister by mistake, and that the Bankers here are defrauding him of his money. 2. Other facts indicating Insanity communicated to me by Mr Jones, Manager of District Bank: That he has been troubling him often, and one day threatened to bring a revolver to shoot them unless they cashed a slip of paper which he produced and was the cover of a periodical. H.Hughes, Bethesda.

Approximate duration of present attack: 4 months

Number of Previous Attacks: 0

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 1

Total Number of Admissions: 2

Relatives affected:

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: Yes

Clean Habit: -

Food Refusal: -

Sleep Habit: -

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: -

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health moderate. Appetite feeble. Patient is said to have shown symptoms of insanity for the past six months and appears to suffer from fixed delusions regarding his relationship with the Queen and the Royal family and his having been born at Windsor Castle. Has been living for past 4 months with his father and mother, having ill-treated his wife and forced her to leave him. Nothing can be assigned as the cause of his insanity, no family taint, has been a steady and industrious workman until about 4 months ago.

Current Diagnosis: Delusional Disorder (F22.0)

Case Notes

1890 Mar 10 - Has been quiet and well conducted since his admission but is strange and reserved in his demeanour, and evidently reluctant to give expression to the deluded ideas which occupy his mindand which appear to be chiefly those relating to his connection with the Queen and Royal Family.

He assures me in confidence that he is the son of the Queen. That being a member of Royalty he has no occasion to work for his living; that he was born at Windsor Castle.

Mar 21 - Much the same and all the afore mentioned delusions present. Clean and tidy. Well behaved and a very decent fellow in every way.

Apr 10 - Has had an attack of Influenza which has pulled him down muchly. 30 - Sent him out a week ago to work on farm where he has proved useful. Very deluded and irrational and it is to be feared that this will prove to be permanent.

May 13 - Informs me that his wife is his sister and that he has only lately had it revealed to him by God. That his children are his cousins and that he cannot live with his wife any more. Out working and improving in health. July 1 - No change. Oct 7 - A change for the better seems to be setting in and many of his old ideas are leaving him. He does not now believe that he is one of the numerous exalted personages he formerly declared himself to be and is altogether more rational. Working steadily. 1891 Feb 28 - In accordance with the Lunacy Act 1890 the above has today been recertified by Special Report and Certificate.

This patient appears still to retain a vague idea that he is of exalted birth and station but is now disposed to be more cautious and reticent in his statements as he appears to be aware that his detention has something to do with them. After careful interrogation he , however, admits that he still believes he is nephew to the Queen and the son of Prince Albert; that his wife was jealous of him and drugged his food, because he felt peculiar sensations in his head after meals.

In other respects his conduct is quiet and orderly and he is industrious in habits. Apr 15 - Has now improved to such an extent that taking all things into consideration it has been decided to send him on trial.

He seems to have lost his old delusions or at least it is impossible to get him to say anything about them.

His conduct is peaceful and inoffensive and he is very anxious to get to his work.

Health excellent.

June 29 - A satisfactory certificate having come to hand he has been discharged.


Additional Notes


17th November 1891 to 18 November 1892 when he was transferred unimproved to Bristol Asylum (no. 4385).

Medical certificate reads:1. He looked very irritable and refused to get out of bed, is under the impression that he is Prince Albert and that the Penrhyn Estate is his property. 2. Facts communicated by Sergeant Thos. Jones, Lockup, Bethesda:

He went to Penrhyn Castle last week and ordered the flag to be taken down. He will not willingly obey his parents unless they call him Prince Albert or His Lordship.

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