William Roberts (4182)

Admission Details for Patient: William Roberts (4182)

Gender: Male Age: 66
Marital Status: Widowed Religion: Calvinist Methodist
Occupation: Butler
Address: Abererch, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: April 22, 1890
Date of Death: July 22, 1895
Cause of Death:

Disease: Melancholia
Supposed Cause: Heredity and previous attack

Medical Certificate:
I. (i) A dread of committing suicide, wishing to jump through the window, extreme restlessness and incoherent talking. (ii) From his daughter: Threats of violence to her, an attempt at opening the window, threats "to do away" with himself. April 21st 1890. Edwin Shelton Jones, LRCPh and S. Edin., Pwllheli.

Approximate duration of present attack: 1 week

Number of Previous Attacks: 1

Number of Previous Admissions: 1

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 2

Relatives affected:

Number of Previous Attacks: 1

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: Yes, threatened

Dangerous: No

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: No

Sleep Habit: Badly

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: -

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health moderate. Bs confined. Morbus Cordis. Patient was discharged from this asylum in February last after a stay of 10 weeks. Remained pretty well until about a week ago when he became again much depressed and suicidally inclined.

Current Diagnosis: Severe Depressive Episode (F32.2)

Case Notes

1890 Apr 24 - Patients general condition very similar to when last admitted. Very dejected and despondent. Afraid that his family will be ruined and that something is to happen to himself. Indeed his cares are all worldly ones. States that he frequently contemplated suicide and was once only just prevented from jumping from a high window. Appetite is poor and sleeps badly. Phys: he is fairly nourished but anaemic. A weak and dilated heart.

Piles and Pruritus Ani.

30 - A little better. In bed in W 6.

May 12 - Gaining strength slowly. Very miserable and makes the most of his Phys. ailments Sleeps badly.

July 2 - Has picked up consid. since last entry and is not nearly as miserable as he used to be. Is still very fearful that his children etc are being ruined and will not hear anything to the contrary.

Oct 7 - Still very dejected. Quite unfit for discharge. Suffers from what seems to be Pruritus Ani.

Imagines that his bowels are shut up etc and makes efforts to relieve himself with his finger etc.

They act fairly regularly.

Sleeps in Sp. Dormitory as he may possibly be suicidal.

1891 Jan 3 - No improvement. Has lately shown a tendency to violence towards fellow patients. Fair health.

26 Mar - In accordance with Lunacy Act 1890 Special Report of this case sent to CM L today.

Patient does not show any improvement since last entry, in fact he has become more depressed and deluded.

Believes that people are slandering him and attempting to do him bodily injury.

Very low and miserable and disinclined to occupy himself in any manner. Sept 10 - incurable. 1892 Apr 4 - Low and miserable. Thinks people hate him and talk about him.

Has been laid up with Pul. Cong. but is now well again. Oct 7 - Deluded as ever. Hears people talking together to kill him.

1893 Apr 3 - Has been confined to bed for some time with a bad attack of Erysipelas which commenced in the left ear and spread all over head and face. Is now well.

Nov - The same. 1894 June - Same delusions present - persecution and witchcraft.

Moderate health and is frequently laid up with slight ailments.

Dec - Delusions not very evident. Clean and well conducted, does a little light ward work. 1895 May - Deluded as ever. Semi demented. Quite useless. Fair health.

Aug - isq. Nov - A hypochondriacal melancholic always thinking there is something wrong with him.

(Notes Feb 1896 to Nov 1898 indicate no change). 1899 March - Has been suffering from an abscess outside the anus which is now practically well.

Otherwise the same

June - Depressed as ever, very hypochondriacal. (Notes October 1899 to Jan 1903 indicate no change). 1903 July - Becoming very feeble and complains of backache. Has a little Albumenuria.

Very anaemic. In sick ward.

Nov - Still very anaemic and is now in Ward 4.

1904 Feb, June - the same.

Dec - Is now in the sick ward suffering from Bronchitis and very irregular heart.

1905 June - Still a bronchial subject and still in the sick ward and very depressed. Died July 22nd 1905.


Additional Notes

Previous admission:

13th December 1889 (no. 4132) with a diagnosis of Melancholia. The Medical Certificate reads: I. (i) Incoherent stateets, delusions of being pursued by soldiers and ink bottles, that the Devil is personally watching him.

Mental depression. (ii)

Other facts indicating Insanity communicated to me by others: From his daughter, that he tried to drown himself in the river Erch. He jumped through the bedroom window, crying out that soldiers were pursuing him. He was discharged recovered on 26th February 1890.

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