William Roberts (4183)

Admission Details for Patient: William Roberts (4183)

Gender: Male Age: 45
Marital Status: Single Religion: Church of England
Occupation: Mole Catcher
Address: Llanrhyddlad (admitted from workhouse), Anglesey

Date of Admission: April 22, 1890
Date of Discharge: October 20, 1890
Discharge Category: Recovered

Disease: Acute Mania
Supposed Cause: Previous attack

Medical Certificate:
1. (i) This man is suffering from delusions and hallucinations and very dangerous and not under proper care. Believes that things exist that don't exist, such as being surrounded by snakes and reptiles. (ii) Police Constable Roberts, No. 25, informs me that he found him in his own house incapable to look after himself, threatening to stab, in fact very dangerous, breaking and damaging everything about the place, also the windows and Harmonium in a neighbour's house. April 22nd 1890. Edward Parry Edwards, JP, LRCPh Edin., LFPh and S Glasg., LAH Lond., Bodedern.

Approximate duration of present attack: A fortnight

Number of Previous Attacks: 4

Number of Previous Admissions: 1

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 1

Total Number of Admissions: 3

Relatives affected:

Number of Previous Attacks: 4

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: Yes

Clean Habit: -

Food Refusal: -

Sleep Habit: -

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: -

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health good. This patient was an inmate of this asylum about 10 years ago but little is known about him except that he has been in the habit of living alone and employing himself as a mole catcher. About a fortnight ago he was first observed to be strange in conduct, wandering about the country in an aimless manner and talking incoherently. This morning he was found to be naked in a field near to his house, was taken in and he then began smashing the windows and furniture. Was conveyed to The Valley and there certified.

Current Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder (F31.2)

Case Notes

1890 Apr 23 - Patient passed a restless and sleepless night. Examined him this morning and found him free from bruises or more serious injury.

Noisy and incoherent. Well nourished and apparently in good health.

24 - Quieter. Bowels have been well opened. Slept 5 hours.

25 - Got him up today. Appears to be in sound health. His mental condition is that of simple acute mania of the ordinary type and he should make a speedy convalescence.

May 4 - Improving. Working in the ward. Quiet and gives no trouble.

12 - Doing well. Have sent him out on farm. June 18 - After doing as well as could be desired and appearing fit for discharge at this week's meeting, has suddenly relapsed and become acutely maniacal and has had to be secluded. Violent and restless, shouts and sings and tumbles about his cell.

Tongue drying. Head hot etc.

23 - Yesterday was said to be passing blood in his water and floor of cell was covered with dark stains.

Examined him but could find nothing to acct. for same.

This morning as he still voided dark coloured urine - none of which however could be got for examination - used soft catheter and drew off half a pint of porter coloured fluid which I found to be about an equal mix of blood and urine, in all prob. came from kidney which may have been bruised or ruptured by excessive action etc.

Being impossible to treat him under his present circs. have confined him to bed with the means described in Register.

Applied cold to Lumbar region and full doses of Witch Hazel.

25 - Much better. Urine now smokey and not porter coloured. Still noisy and excited. Have given him Sulphonal to keep him quiet at nights. 27 - Is now fairly manageable and have therefore removed restraint. Total duration 90 hours.

Urine almost clear.

July 4 - Got him up this morning. Urine quite clear and he is now quiet and rational. Aug 2 - Since last entry progress has been uninterrupted and his conversation is now rational tho' he is depressed in spirits.

His urine still contains some albumen.

Sept 4 - Has now recovered tho' it will not be provident to discharge him for a few weeks longer.

In good health and very useful in Hospital Ward.

Discharged October 20th 1890.

Medications/Treatments: Seclusion. Catheterised. Restrained in bed ("with the means described in the Register") 90 hours. Cold applied to lumbar region. Sulphonal.

Additional Notes

Previous admission:

On 15th July 1874 he was admitted from the Police House, Llanfechell. It was noted to be his third or fourth attack and that he had had his first attack at the age of 16.

No cause was suggested.

The Medical Certificate reads: I found him in the Police Office Llanfechell in bed. Would not answer any questions put to him but he had a wild abstracted and violent expression of the countenance and he was constantly moring his foot up and down on the side of the bed.

Informed by Mr. Edmunds that he had been wandering about for some days and that his father could not find him, at last he was found at a farm house named Cefnau and it was with considerable difficulty that he was removed to a place of safety.

In his pocket was found some powder and he is known to be fond of his gun. On his feet were found two different kinds of shoe, one elastic and the other not so.

William Roberts was discharged recovered on 27th May 1875. There are no case notes for this admission.

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