Margaret Jones (4185)

Admission Details for Patient: Margaret Jones (4185)

Name Mismatch: 4185 , 2436

Gender: Female Age: 34
Marital Status: Single Religion: Wesleyan Methodist
Occupation: Domestic servant
Address: Bwlch Eglwysrhos, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: May 3, 1890
Date of Discharge: January 21, 1891
Discharge Category: Recovered

Disease: Subacute Mania
Supposed Cause: Previous attacks/Domestic affliction

Medical Certificate:
1. Is rambling and incoherent in her conversation, restless in manner and failed to recognise me though I am known to her. Rushed into the room and threw all the things out of her pocket, one after another, onto the table at which this form was being filled and knocked over the inkpot. 2. Is most indecent at times in her speech and behaviour, at other times noisy and uncontrollable. Communicated by Wm. Jones, Bwlch, farmer. May 1st 1890. Thomas Louis Kendrick Davies, Llandudno.

Approximate duration of present attack: About 2 weeks

Number of Previous Attacks: 3

Number of Previous Admissions: 2

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 8

Total Number of Admissions: 11

Relatives affected:

Number of Previous Attacks: 3

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: No

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: No

Sleep Habit: None

Destructive Habit: Yes

Disposition: -

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health good.

Current Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder (F31.1)

Case Notes

1890 May 6 - Patient is suffering from Mania of a Subacute nature and without any symptoms of special interest. Is in work room where at times she sews diligently at others rambles about talking and laughing. Conversation frequently silly and incoherent. Is well nourished and in good health. A few bruises on arms.

Has to be spoon fed and sleeps badly.

20 - Excited and irrational.

June 15 -the same. July 18 - A little more coherent and manageable and does a little sewing. Escaped whilst out walking a few days ago but was recaptured within 2 hours. Good health. Nov 13 - Patient's condition during last few months has been very variable but latterly has shown signs of a more permanent improvement. At present she is somewhat low spirited and has begun to request her discharge. Conversation still silly and incoherent esp. if a little excited.

1891 Jan 3 - Has been during the last fortnight in the kitchen where she is very useful. She has improved very much since last entry and is now quite rational in every way. Health excellent and will be discharged at next meeting.


Additional Notes

Previous admissions:

There were two earlier admissions, the first as a private patient on 10th November 1885 (no. 452) when she was diagnosed with Dementia.

The first Medical Certificate reads:

1. (i) I have seen Margaret Jones on two occasions, viz Nov 4th 1885 and Nov 9th 1885. She sits with her hands clenched, stares in a vacant unmeaning way, cannot be made to answer questions and refuses to do any act required of her. She looks dejected and sullen.

(ii). Elizabeth Owen, her sister, living at Bwlch, says: About a month ago, the bedroom window being open, Margaret Jones requested her Sister to throw her out of the window. She often exclaims that she is afraid she is lost, will not eat her food without it being put into her mouth and then takes a long time before she will swallow her food.

R. H. Bold Williams, MRCS Eng and LRCPh Lond., Llandudno. November 9, 1885.

The second certificate read described Margaret’s condition as Puerperal Mania. It continues:

(i) Aversion to conversation associated with pregnancy. (ii) Communicated to me by Elizabeth Owen: great lowness of spirits, loss of sleep, refusal to take food. Absent. Robert Jones, MRCS Eng., Conway.

She recovered and was discharged on 9th September 1886.

19th October 1887 (3895) diagnosed with Acute Mania.

The Medical Certificate reads:1. Is very excited in her manner, pulled down pictures hanging on the wall and tried to smash them, jumped on a table in front of the window and thumped the panes with her fists, making grimaces.

Talked incessantly in a rambling way and used very foul and indecent language (which she is not in the habit of doing). 2. Jane Jones, Chapel House, a neighbour who has been in attendance upon her since this attack set in, says she has refused food, kicked over the tea table and broken the crockery.

She says that she speaks of having been disappointed by a young man but is going to marry the Prince of Wales.

Oct. 19th 1887. Thomas Louis Kendrick Davies, MB and Mr in Sry Univ. Edin., Llandudno.

Margaret was discharged recovered on 21st November 1888.


29th September 1892 (no. 4520) with Subacute Mania.

Medical Certificate reads: 1. Talked incessantly in an excited and rambling manner. Told me most emphatically that she had not seen me the previous day (which was not the case) but that if she had, I was not then nearly so handsome and had different teeth. Had her pockets stuffed full of various odds and ends which, she said, was all her luggage as she was leaving home.

2. Her father William Jones, Bwlch, Eglwysrhos, told me that she would run away from the house to the high road and make a noise by beating on an empty tin when any vehicles passed and accost the passengers. Also that she would sometimes break out without any reason into violent temper and use most offensive and obscene language. September 29th 1892. Thomas Louis Kendrick Davies (Dr) , Llandudno.

Discharged recovered on 21st June 1893.

16th April 1894 (no. 4736) again with Subacute Mania.

Medical Certificate reads: Was restless, constantly changing her attitudes, talked rapidly and continually rambling from one subject to another, was under the delusion she was to be married to a Lord whom she had met in the town but could not tell me his name or where he was staying.

Her father, William Jones, said she was very excited, rushing out of the house and running away; would throw things about and kick them along theground; ran from home this morning at 5 am and was found in Llandudno kicking a bottle along the streets.

Dr. T.L. Kendrick Davies, Llandudno.

Discharged recovered on 26th December 1894.

29th November 1895 (no. 5025). Medical Certificate reads: She talked incessantly and rambled incoherently from subject to another, eventually becoming very excited, applied odious epithets to her sister and then ran out of the house. Elizabeth Owen, her sister states that she has become very quarrelsome and uses very bad filthy language toward her father, sister and niece. She has become destructive cutting up good clothing and throwing articles of value into the fire. On night of Nov. 24th she arose from bed at 11.30 pm. and ran out of the house with scarcely any clothing on.

Dr. T. L. Kendrick Davies, Llandudno.

Again diagnosed on admission with Subacute Mania, she was discharged on 21st May 1896.

Readmitted on 25th May 1897 when the Medical Certificate reads: 1. Was excited and talked in a rambling manner; used bad language, ran out of the house and picked up a large stone which she threatened to throw at her sister. Told me that the Prince of Wales had been to see her at Denbigh Asylum; that Mrs. Maybrick would have been hanged but for her (Margt. Jones’) intervention; that she had had sums of £100 given her at various times by gentlemen, which is not a fact.

2. Mrs Elizabeth Owen, her sister says she is at times very noisy and runs out from the house, shouting and beating tambourine, will take up stones and throw them at people passing on the high road; is abusive to those about her and uses very foul language to them.

Diagnosed with Subacute Mania and discharged recovered on 25th March 1898.

9th May 1899 (no. 5522) and diagnosed this time with Acute Mania.

The Medical Certificate reads: 1. Was excited, rushing about out of doors, crying and talking in a rambling way and using foul language. She said she had a speaking tube in her throat which was blocked up, also that she had a cancer in her bowel and was nearly dead with heart disease.

2. Elizabeth Owen, her sister said she had been (i) running away from the house, accosting people on the high road and calling names after them (ii) collecting various articles and piling them up outside saying she was making a barricade to protect the house.

Dated 8th May 1899. T. L. Kendrick Davies, Llandudno.

Discharged recovered on 24th May 1900.

Readmitted with Mania on 27th September 1901 (no. 5899). Medical Certificate reads: 1. Was very noisy in her manner, ringing bells, opening the windows, shouting and cursing at her sister, running from room to room and throwing articles in them about. 2. Mrs Elizth. Owen, Bryn Gwilym, Llanrhos, her sister, said she has been running out of the house only partly dressed and shouting at persons passing. Takes articles out of the house and secretes them about her person.

Uses very filthy language. Dated 27th September 1901.

T.L. Kendrick Davies, Llandudno.

Discharged recovered on 27th August 1902.

16th February 1903 (no. 6137) with Acute Mania. Medical Certificate reads: 1. That a Mr Lloyd of Marl was after her wanting to cut her open and had stripped her of all her clothes and sent her home naked.

2. Eliz. Owen, her sister, states that she threatened her with lifting a chair, smashed the pictures on the walls and told her that she was going to Liverpool to get a new inside put into her. Dated 15 February 1903. R. Arthur Prichard, Conway.

Discharged recovered on 18th August 1903.

Margaret Jones was admitted for the last time on 2nd March 1904 from Conway Workhouse (no. 6318) when the Medical Certificate reads: 1. She states that she has been defrauded out of £1600 last week and that the houses she had left Dr Herbert and myself had been stolen from her, also that her wedding ring had been stolen. 2.

Mrs. Catherine Jones, Matron, says that she undresses herself continually and puts her clothes into the boiler and that she abuses and attacks some of the inmates stating that one Ellen Williams had stolen some money from her. Dated March 1 1904. R. Arthur Prichard, Conway.

She died in the asylum on 12th December 1907 from Chronic Brain Disease and Epileptic Convulsions

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