Hester Hartley (4199)

Admission Details for Patient: Hester Hartley (4199)

Gender: Female Age: 32
Marital Status: Single Religion: Church of England
Occupation: Housekeeper
Address: Llandudno, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: June 19, 1890
Date of Death: September 18, 1920
Cause of Death:

Disease: Mania
Supposed Cause: Not known

Medical Certificate:
1. Has delusions: says (a) that she is engaged to and is going to be married to a gentleman (b) that he has lately, through the death of an uncle, become heir to a large estate (c) that for a certain time, she must have no communication with the gentleman in accordance with the terms of his uncle's will which, she says, specifies there is to be no collusion between them. The gentleman, who has died, leaving a large estate, is not an uncle to the gentleman she thinks she is engaged to and has not left him anything. 2. Eighteen months ago became melancholic and very religious, would often get up from meals and begin to pray. Lately has become violent, attempted to attack her sister with a knife and her mother with a spade. Broke some panes of glass in the window. Has hit her sister and scratched her face. Calls her mother and sister by foul names and uses indecent language to them. Above facts communicated to me by her sister, Miss Annie Hartley, Llandudno, Housekeeper. Thomas Louis Kendrick Davies, Llandudno.

Approximate duration of present attack: 1 year

Number of Previous Attacks: 0

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 1

Relatives affected: Uncle

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: No

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: No

Sleep Habit: Good

Destructive Habit: No

Disposition: -

Education: Good

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health moderate.

Current Diagnosis: Schizophrenia (F20.0)

Case Notes

1890 June 23 - Patient is a pleasant but somewhat peculiar looking young woman, light hair and complexion and medium build. She is well conducted and knits in workroom.

Her conversation which is very like that of an American is upon many points sensible enough but she is evidently possessed of the following delusions (1) that she is engaged to a gentleman in Llandudno. She acknowledges never having spoken to him but that she converses with him by signs etc. (2) that she has been left a large property which her people attempt to rob her of by placing her here.

The way in which she states these delusions shows confusion of speech and ideas.

She also does not realise her position here at all. In fair health. Aug 7 - Enquiring when her release is to come and cannot see why she is kept here. Same delusions present tho' she is very reticent upon them.

Oct 7 - Idle and apathetic and takes little interest in anything. Still shows an unkindly spirit towards her people and will not communicate with them. Dec 10 - Should do very well at home were she properly looked after.

1891 Feb 12 - Has lately shown a desire to return home and has written one or two letters but shows little kindly feeling towards her relatives.

Sept 9 - No real improvement. Same delusions persistent. Is also cross and apt to be violent if annoyed.

1892 Feb 9 - Has had a severe attack of Influenza which has left her very weak.

Heart's action feeble and she has had more than one syncopal attack prior to the Influenza. Mind slowly becoming worse. Delusions persist.

Also more quarrelsome and inclined to violence.

Mar 6 - A great change has come over this woman during the last couple of days in the shape of an intense and uncontrollable desire to smash perishable articles. It is present all day and not in paroxysms and there seems to be no relief when her object is achieved.

Face pale, agitated and trembling.

Can give no reason for her conduct.

Cut her wrist badly today breaking a window. As she would at once remove dressings put her at once in a Jacket in which she seems to be quite comfortable.

Previously would annoy attendants and others by going behind them and pulling their hair and smacking their faces. 14 - Exactly the same. Wound healing nicely.

28 - Removed Jacket. Total duration 336 hours. Still restless and fidgety and have put her in charge of a special attendant.

Apr 9 - Cannot resist temptation to smash anything breakable. Troublesome at night, breaks chambers etc. Aug 5 - Very much better this last month and does not smash.

For some weeks previous had to put her before tea in a Single Room until after breakfast the next morning which reduced the crockery bill to a minimum.

Dec 6 - Variable, at one time more trustworthy than another but often smashes.

1893 Apr - During last couple of months has been quite free from destructive tendencies but now she has again commenced.

Had been bright and cheerful, sewing and entering into the daily life of the place, now she has become listless, expression dejected and miserable. Lies down all day and takes no notice of what is going on.

But if allowed near anything perishable makes a sudden spring and is quite reckless as to any injury she may sustain.

1894 June 6 - Has not been so destructive of late, otherwise no change.

1895 Feb 9 - Has not smashed anything since last entry. Aug 26 - Very irritable and disagreeable. Resistive when asked to go to the Airing Court or anywhere else. Does not employ herself. Nov 4 - Dull and resents interference. Has been in poor health lately.

(Notes were continued in the Loose Leaf Book). The Admissions Register shows Hester Hartley’s order lapsed in 1906 and that she was readmitted under Admission no. 6954. In January 1914 she is noted to be demented, in failing health and constantly in bed.

Medications/Treatments: 'Jacket' for 336 hours

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