William Williams (4214)

Admission Details for Patient: William Williams (4214)

Name Mismatch: 4214 , 2427, 2457, 2511

Gender: Male Age: 20
Marital Status: Single Religion: Baptist
Occupation: Labourer
Address: Amlwch, Anglesey

Date of Admission: August 11, 1890
Date of Discharge: September 22, 1890
Discharge Category: 'not insane'

Disease: Not stated
Supposed Cause: Not known

Medical Certificate:
1. He is very quiet, cannot get him to speak but little. Cannot find any cause of his condition besides mental. 2. Facts communicated by Ellen Williams, mother, Mynydd Llwyd, Amlwch: Went out with hammer and axe knocking the wall. When asked to come in threatened to strike informant. Tearing bedclothes, playing at childish games, sleeplessness, continually praying and reading Bible during the night. Went to a pool and undressed and threw his clothes into the pool. Refuses to do any work, saying his mind is not easy and that he is going to die if he goes out of the house. Saying at night time that he had only 24 hours to live. August 9th 1890. Thos. E. Jones, Amlwch, Anglesea.

Approximate duration of present attack: 5 months

Number of Previous Attacks: 0

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 1

Relatives affected:

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: No

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: -

Sleep Habit: -

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: Sober

Education: Reads

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health good. Patient showed evidence of insanity 5 months ago and since then has refused to do any work. Has lately become violent and abusive to his mother. Hered. taint does not seem to be present.

Current Diagnosis: Adjustment Disorder (F43.2)

Case Notes

1890 Aug 13 - Patient is a well built and nourished lad of medium height. Dark eyes and complexion. Expression stolid and stupid and he would seem to be a typical example of a rough uneducated farm lad.

Discharged as not insane.


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