Robert Roberts (4215)

Admission Details for Patient: Robert Roberts (4215)

Name Mismatch: 4215 , 2483

Gender: Male Age: 68
Marital Status: Married Religion: Church of England
Occupation: Labourer
Address: Dwygyfylchi, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: August 13, 1890
Date of Death: June 15, 1899
Cause of Death: Chronic brain disease/acute pneumonia

Disease: Mania (subacute)
Supposed Cause: Previous attacks/Old age

Medical Certificate:
1. Saw him roaming about after Volunteers, making different statements, wanting to go to buy gallons of milk at the farm, saying he was reselling it, also beating his wife, who is a great invalid. 2. Elizabeth Roberts, wife, states that he beat her on 8th inst. with a huge stick and always threatens her when she comes to his presence. Mary Roberts, daughter in law, residing at Brynaber, states that he is always roaming and on Sunday night 10th inst. was found wading through the river up to his waist and also saw him beating Edwin Roberts, a child 3 yrs old with a stick without any provocation. August 12th 1890. Richard Arthur Prichard, Conway.

Approximate duration of present attack: 1 week

Number of Previous Attacks: 2

Number of Previous Admissions: 1

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 2

Relatives affected: Cousin

Number of Previous Attacks: 2

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: Yes

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: No

Sleep Habit: Badly

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: -

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health good. Patient was discharged in 1885 after a stay of seven months. Remained well until a week ago. Since then has become violent and generally troublesome.

Current Diagnosis: Disorder due to brain damage or disease (F07.9)

Case Notes

1890 Aug 16 - Patient has altered but little since he left here and mentally much the same symptoms are recognizable. He is in a loquacious and high spirited mood and only too ready to quarrel and fight to defend himself as he puts it.

His conversation is partly rambling and incoherent tho' no delusions are apparent.

He is too restless to settle down to any employment.

In excellent health and condition.

(Dates of subsequent notes obscured by Death Cefitificate).

- Continually up to some mischief and will do nothing that he is told to do. Strips himself. Turns his coat inside out.

Fights etc. Conversation silly and often cries. Eats and sleeps well.

- Has made some improvement since last entry.

More rational and tidier in dress etc. Has been working in garden for some weeks.

- Making steady and continuous progress. Is now rational but still pugnacious and quarrelsome.

Further detention will do him no harm.

1891 Apr 16 - The same.

Will never get much better.

A troublesome old fellow and if at large would probably get into mischief. Too troublesome for a workhouse. Good health. (undated) - Has during the past 2 months been somewhat better behaved. Not so mischievous and pugnacious. No delusions. Would only get into trouble if discharged.

1892 Jan 2 - Less troublesome but quite unfit for discharge. Clean and tidy. Healthy.

1893 Apr 3 - Would do very well in workhouse if he could be kept there but he is perhaps too mischievous.

1894 June 3 - Not quite so cleanly in his habits.

Good health.

Nov 10 - Mischievous and rather troublesome old man. Annoying the other patients. Does a little indoor work. 1895 Apr - The same.

Aug - Greatest thief in the place.

Nov - Inclined to be dirty in his habits.

1896 Feb - A cunning and mischievous fellow. Cries and pretends to be very good if he sees anybody that will sympathise with him. (Notes to April 1898 indicate no change).

1898 July - Is breaking down gradually, getting very small and thinner. Suffers from rheumaticky pains in the back and legs and is not able to go about very easily. Wets at times. Getting semi demented. Nov - Seems to be going slowly down hill. 1899 Mar - Is upstairs in Hospital Ward, quite helpless. Wets, sits up in the chair during the day.

June 15 - Had been gradually getting more feeble for some time and was transferred to bed within the last week or two. The last two days he has been suffering from congestion of the lungs and he died this morning.

Died June 15th 1899.


Additional Notes

Previous admission:

16th December 1884 (no. 3556) with Mania. Med cert reads: 1. He called at my house between the hours of one and two o'clock in the morning for medical advice, having been wandering about all night. He is violent and unkind towards his wife. He refuses to work and says he will buy and sell game. He is occasionally very excited and incoherent in his talk. 2. I am informed by his wife that he has attacked her on several occasions and that she has not been able to live with him for some weeks.

He goes to Church in the middle of the service and has lately taken to brawling in the Sunday School.

He has annoyed and frightened several of the inhabitants on the highway. He is sometimes sleepless for nights together.

Robert Hughes, Penmaenmawr. Intemperance and an irregular life the supposed cause of his insanity. Dicharged recovered 24th June 1885.

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