Ebenezer Thomas (6522)

Admission Details for Patient: Ebenezer Thomas (6522)

Gender: Male Age: 56
Marital Status: Married Religion: Wesleyan Methodist
Occupation: Labourer
Address: Llanddona (admitted from Workhouse), Anglesey

Date of Admission: March 1, 1905
Date of Discharge: December 16, 1907
Discharge Category: Recovered

Disease: Subacute Mania
Supposed Cause: Religious excitement/previous attack

Medical Certificate:
He is incoherent in his speech, he gets very excited when talked to on religious subjects - he thinks his house is covered from head to foot with Holy Spirit - he says Jesus Christ commands him to go to Penmaenmawr. Margaret Thomas, his wife, states that he has threatened to injure his daughter by throwing stones at her. He insists on seeing Jesus Christ and says that he commands him to go to Penmaenmawr. He roams about all night. His wife cannot keep him at home, he is very peculiar after praying in Chapel. Dr. E. R. Thomas, 40 Castle Street, Beaumaris.

Approximate duration of present attack: 14 days

Number of Previous Attacks: 1

Number of Previous Admissions: 1

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 1

Total Number of Admissions: 3

Relatives affected: Brother

Number of Previous Attacks: 1

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: Yes

Clean Habit: -

Food Refusal: -

Sleep Habit: -

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: Steady

Education: Fair can read and write

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health moderate. Has been very well since his discharge until 2 weeks ago. He has been very acitve with the Religious Revival and mania set in much the same as his first attack.

Current Diagnosis: Bipolar affective disorder (F31.2)

Case Notes

1905 Mar 8 - Patient is in very much the same state as when admitted three years ago.

He is suffering from religious exaltation with hallucinations of hearing and sight. Believes the Holy Ghost has appointed him to convert all the people He is not violent and has commenced to work outside.

General bodily health moderate.

Mar 27 - Working regularly out of doors. Is improving slowly. Already anxious to get home.

Apr 10 - Works well but still has some excitement. May 29, Sept 21 - The same. 1906 Jan - Not so well. Very excitable and has become inclined to violence.

June - Still rather excited. Sept - Decidedly better and works well. Dec - No further change.

1907 Mar - Becoming excited again. Losing his control.

July - Useful but still lacking in self control.

Oct - Improved.

Discharged 16 December 1907.


Additional Notes

Previous Admission:

26th June 1901 (No. 5866) with Subacute Mania. The Medical Certificate reads: I. Talked in a wild manner about religion, said to me that he could not sleep the previous night as Jesus Christ was with him and that he had to go out of the house with him at 4 o'clock. On the 24th told me that he had been in hell all night and that Jesus Christ had sent his angels to watch over him. II. Richard Thomas, his son, living with him, said that his father had taken against his mother alleging that she had been unfaithful to him with 3 men, which is untrue, that he ate greedily, was very violent at times, talking and shouting and last night mentioned 3 men whom he intended killing. Dated 25th June 1901.

The patient was discharged recovered on 29th October 1901.


7th September 1909 (No. 7330) again with Mania.

The Medical Certificate reads: I. He is incoherent in his conversation, says he has to go and preach at a chapel. The Lord has instructed him to go.

Says his family are starving him, which is not true, at times he is violent in his conduct towards his son. He is quite unable to take care of himself.

II. His wife says she has to keep one of his sons out of his sight in case he might injure him. On Saturday called with Mr. Jones, Arvon House, Llanddona and begged for food, said he was starved at home, which is not true. Mr. Jones had some trouble to get him out of his house.

He was discharged from this admission recovered on 29th March 1911.

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