William Ellis (6528)

Admission Details for Patient: William Ellis (6528)

Gender: Male Age: 32
Marital Status: Single Religion: Calvinist Methodist
Occupation: Sailor
Address: Nefyn, Carnarvon

Date of Admission: March 6, 1905
Date of Death: November 11, 1913
Cause of Death: Subacute Nephritis certified COD.

Disease: Melancholia
Supposed Cause: (None stated)

Medical Certificate:
I was asked to see him on the 28th, when he was shouting and yelling at the top of his voice, I asked him what he was doing that for, when he said his legs were stuck together and he was shouting to get out of himself. I have had the patient under my care for some time - he is gradually getting worse - a hypochondriac with severe attacks of melancholia. He lives with his poor widowed mother and although he only receives 2/6d a week in club money he imagines himself in affluent circumstances and tells people that he has made his fortune and does not intend to work any more. Dr. William Thomas, Rhianfa, Nefyn.

Approximate duration of present attack: More than a year

Number of Previous Attacks: 0

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 1

Relatives affected: Uncle was an idiot

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: No

Clean Habit: -

Food Refusal: -

Sleep Habit: -

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: Steady

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: An uncle, now dead, was an idiot. This patient has not worked for 3 years, always complaining of various forms of illness, latterly he has become mentally deranged with delusions. He has always been steady.

Current Diagnosis: Schizophrenia (F20)

Case Notes

1905 Mar 13 - A young man with fair hair and complexion. Blue irides. Pupils equal and mobile. In rather ill nourished condition. No physical disease. Mentally suffering from Melancholia with occasional attacks of excitement.

He has also delusions as to his bodily health. He says he is very weak and ill but cannot give any definite symptoms. His complaints vary from day to day. He is of solitary habits and his general state is one of depression. Eats and sleeps well.

Mar 23 - No change.

Apr 28 - Improving to some extent, is beginning to apply himself to work.

May 30 - Improving slowly, useful and healthy.

Sept 20 - No further change.

1906 Jan - Improvement has remained stationary.

June to September 1906 - No further improvement.

Dec - Rather silly in manner and talk.

1907 Mar to 1910 - Notes indicate little change. 1910 June - A useful chronic case. No mental change. General health good. 1911 Mar - Still low and depressed. Sept - No mental change. Quiet and depressed.

General health fair.

1912 Mar - No so well in health. Losing weight and is in the open air hospital.

Sept - Better in general health. Still depressed and has delusions. 1913 Oct 1 - A quiet useful man, solitary in his habits, no word to say to anyone, well behaved, gives no trouble.

Nov 9 - Was removed to Hospital Ward today as his face, especially loose tissues, were oedematous. His pulse was rapid of poor and low tension. He has no temperature. Respiration normal.

Urine translucent, passing but very little but at short intervals. Put on Digitalis Strych. and Pot. Citra. Nov 12 - Died rather suddenly at 9.30 pm last night. I had seen him at 6.30 pm and he was then sitting up in bed and talking away to himself. His pulse was very poor and was hardly perceptible at the wrist. The heart was weak and irregular in its action and the sounds were somewhat indistinct and distant.

Medications/Treatments: Digitalis Strych. and Pot. Citr.

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