Owen Jones (6555)

Admission Details for Patient: Owen Hugh Jones (6555)

Name Mismatch: 6555 , 6531, 9390

Gender: Male Age: 25
Marital Status: Single Religion: Church of England
Occupation: Engine driver in Tan Yard
Address: Llanrwst, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: April 10, 1905
Date of Death: January 14, 1918
Cause of Death:

Disease: Mania with Imbecility
Supposed Cause: Heredity and previous attack

Medical Certificate:
I. He suffers from the following delusions: That some money is due to him thro a will, which is in the hands of Mr. Morgan, the Rectory, Llanrwst. That a number of people are traducing him to others. That his mother and sister are of loose habits. II. Mr. Morgan, the Vicarage, Llanrwst: That he accosted him as to the will and money and that he wanted him to marry him (OHJ) to his servant as promised. Mr. Evans, booking clerk, Llanrwst: That he attacked him on the road for an imaginary grievance. Mr. Mills, the Tannery, Llanrwst: That he threatened to shoot his son again for an imaginary grievance. Dated Apr 8 1905. Hugh Williams, Llanrwst.

Approximate duration of present attack: Since previous attack

Number of Previous Attacks: 1

Number of Previous Admissions: 1

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 2

Relatives affected: Aunt was an inmate, brother weak minded

Number of Previous Attacks: 1

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: No

Dangerous: Yes

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: No

Sleep Habit: Fair

Destructive Habit: No

Disposition: Steady and industrious

Education: Fair reads and writes

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health moderate. He has behaved himself fairly well since his discharge in Nov 1904 until a few weeks back when he began to exhibit his old delusions as to persecution and as to money. There is no obvious exciting cause.

Current Diagnosis: Schizophrenia (F20.0)

Case Notes

1905 Apr 17 - Patient is in very much the same condition as when admitted in April 1904.

His general health is fairly good. His delusions are very similar to those of his former attacks, viz people accusing him and talking about him, that he is not having fair play, and that his relatives are of bad character.

General mental condition is simple and silly. He eats and sleeps well and he willingly commenced work the first day he arrived.

24 - Continues to work and general conduct is good. May 29 - Improving steadily.

Sept 27 - Simple minded but useful and well conducted.

1906 Jan - No further change. June - Improving, working out of doors. Sept - Rather simple in his ways.

Dec - The same. 1907 Mar to 1910 November - Notes indicate no change.

1911 Mar - A chronic case. 1912 Mar - Healthy but now disinclined to work.

Sept - No change.

1913 Oct - Quiet and feeble minded. Absolutely useless. Getting demented. He is untidy.

1914 Jan 2 - Quiet and well behaved and disinclined to do any work. In feeble health.

Subsequent Loose Leaf notes indicate a steady deterioration in his mental condition.

For example in 1916 Apr 12 he is described as quite demented, dirty, useless.

Copy Report March 8 1917 - He is suffering from Dementia.

His memory is very defective, he states that he has been here 12 weeks. Dull and stupid.

Idle and indifferent.


Additional Notes

Previous admission:

7th April 1904 (No. 6339) diagnosed with mania with imbecility.

The Medical Certificate reads: I (a) Owen Hugh Jones is very excitable. He wanders in talking from subject to subject. He fancies some persons are trying to do him harm. He thinks he sees imaginary persons about him. (b) By Martha Jones, his mother (4 George St):

She says Owen ran to the Railway Station today and tried to go to Lincoln.

She says Owen is at times very unkind towards her. He is constantly trying to run away from home.

Discharged recovered on 22nd November 1904.

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