Mary Hughes (6604)

Admission Details for Patient: Mary Ellen Hughes (6604)

Gender: Female Age: 22
Marital Status: Married Religion: Baptist
Occupation: House duties
Address: Pensarn, Anglesey

Date of Admission: July 7, 1905
Date of Death: October 18, 1919
Cause of Death:

Disease: Dementia and epilepsy
Supposed Cause: Not known

Medical Certificate:
She is very excited, speech incoherent, refusing food, held in bed with difficulty unable to sleep. Tremors of muscle. E. Allen, states she saw the above reclining in the court yard of her house, beating her head against a stone wall and doing likewise in a second place and on stone sill of window. There after turning a somersault exposing herself. She has to have assistance to hold her down and to carry her into the house. E. Owen, Penybanc, states that the above said she had seen God and that Jesus Christ is coming down tonight to take her to heaven. Dr. Thomas Jones, Brynhyfryd, Amlwch.

Approximate duration of present attack: 7 days

Number of Previous Attacks: 0

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 1

Relatives affected:

Epileptic: Yes

Suicidal: Threatened and attempted

Dangerous: No

Clean Habit: Yes

Food Refusal: No

Sleep Habit: -

Destructive Habit: -

Disposition: -

Education: -

Physical/Mental State at Examination: Health moderate. Patient has been an epileptic from childhood. Married some years ago and not much amiss noticed until a year ago when she fell into the fire and burnt her face very badly. Since this time she has become troublesome and a week ago obviously insane.

Current Diagnosis: Organic personality disorder (F07)

Case Notes

1905 July 9 - Fragile and diminutive woman with the left side of her face one large scar, neck and shoulder, the result of a fall into the fire.

Ectropion of left lower lid.

Brown hair, blue eyes, sanguine complexion. Inclined to be excited and at times makes sudden and violent attacks on her nurses. Her general intelligence is enfeebled.

No delusions apparent. Cleanly, takes food.

10 - Quieter and well behaved. Has had no fits.

Aug 3 - No change.

Oct 1 - Has been very violent and troublesome on more than one occasion since last entry.

1906 Feb 1 - Very violent and unmanageable at times, at others quiet enough. Semi demented and useless. June to Sept - No improvement.

1907 Feb - At present very excited, violent and unmanageable.

1907 June to 1909 Jan - The same. 1909 June - Demented and stupid.

Clean and tidy when well. Useless. 1910 Mar - Variable. 1911 June to 1912 Mar - No improvement. June (copy report) - She is suffering from Dementia with Epilepsy, she is rambling and incoherent during a conversation, has no idea as to how long she has been here and her answers to questions asked her have no bearing on such questions.

She is in fair health and condition.

Has Ectropion of upper and lower lids of left eye due to a burn through falling in a fit.

1913 June - Silly and stupid.

Sept - Demented and confused. Dirty in her habits. Dec - Rambling and demented. (Notes continued in Loose Leaf Case Book).

Date of death noted on reverse of Reception Order.


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