S D (9523)

Admission Details for Patient: S D (9523)

Gender: Male Age: 17
Marital Status: Single Religion: Church of England
Occupation: Seaman
Address: Portmadoc, Carnarvonshire

Date of Admission: October 13, 1920
Date of Discharge: December 20, 1920
Discharge Category: Recovered

Disease: (Mania)
Supposed Cause: Overwork at sea

Medical Certificate:
(a) Marked restlessness and mental irritability, using foul and obscene language and threatening to kill himself. He swallowed a bottle of iodine which he vomited up. Refuses to take food and wanders aimlessly about the house. (b) G D (father), Mrs. D (mother), L D (sister) state that he has threatened to knife them on several occasions and go in fear of their lives. Dr. Henry Croley, Portmadoc, 13/10/1920.

Approximate duration of present attack: 1 month

Number of Previous Attacks: 0

Number of Previous Admissions: 0

Number of Subsequent Admissions: 0

Total Number of Admissions: 1

Relatives affected: father's brother died at Denbigh Asylum

Epileptic: No

Suicidal: Yes

Dangerous: Yes, has threatened

Clean Habit:

Food Refusal:

Sleep Habit:

Destructive Habit:



Physical/Mental State at Examination: Fair health and condition. Symptoms first noticed directly he returned from sea about 6/7 days ago. We (family) think it's overwork at sea, being too young to act as seaman. Has been three years at sea. Father inclined to depression, mother rather highly strung, likely caused by weak health being the mother of 19 children (8 still living). When 13 yrs old he (patient) fell from a high tree on his head. Had haemorrhage from nose and ears.

Current Diagnosis: Acute transient psychosis (F23.9)

Case Notes

1920 Oct 15 - A rather pale well built young boy of 17.

He is stated to have swallowed Iodine but I can find no trace of it.

He is quite rational and well behaved.

16 (copy) - Suffering a mild attack of Mania.

He has grievances against his relations chiefly against his sister.

He states he had rows with them and that he pretended to take iodine to poison himself.

He now gives a clear account of himself but denies that he threatened anyone with a knife. Since admission he has been quiet and well conducted.

Fair health and condition.

22 - has improved considerably.

29 - isq.

Has shown no sign of insanity since his admission.

Further Report: Nov 5 - He still remains quiet and well conducted and now states that he has no grievances against any of his relations and that he would be able to return to them.

I propose recommending him for discharge at our next Committee this month.

Nov 6 - Struck another patient today about the face but protests that the other man "started it", although the other patient is reputed to be most inoffensive.

Postponed 1 month.

14 - Has been of good behaviour again since the above incident. Quite useful at odd jobs. 20 - Discharged recovered.


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